Private Constellation salon

If you’re looking for an understated place offering total discretion, then our Constellation salon is right up your street. Whether for business or private events, this room will transport you for several hours to a world blending both elegance and refinement at the same time. Situated at the pinnacle of our tower, you will enjoy unrivalled views over the town of Sion and its châteaux.

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Aperitifs in the private VIP salon

Package for 6 to 10 people: CHF 22.- / person

Package for 11 to 14 people for aperitifs: CHF 200.-


Beverages, banquets, or meals (according to choice)

Service personnel from 9pm: CHF 35.- / hour


Canapés and leather armchairs

Dining tables and chairs

Wood–burning stove

Small kitchen


Peacefulness, intimacy and discretion

Old wooden ceilings

Private lift access

Private access to the Plein-Ciel (Open-Sky) terrace

Unrivalled views over the town of Sion and its châteaux

Natural light from 3 bay windows

Old Valais ambiance

Information and booking

phone: 0041 27 324 43 24 – fax: 0041 27 324 43 25