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This non-alcoholic Riesling-based wine is ideal for those who want to rediscover the pleasure of wine without the effects of alcohol. It is low in calories (16.2 cal/100ml), with less than 0.5% per volume.


De-alcoholized wine with 5 g/l residual sugar.

Cocktail recommendation

Here's an example of a cocktail that can be made with our wine. We suggest enhancing your white wine cocktail with lemon, apricot, passion fruit, kiwi, grape, mint, mango, orange, peach or vanilla syrups. Serve chilled on the rocks with balisic, mint or lemon balm leaves.


Straw yellow color


The intense bouquet is characterized by elderflower aromas mingled with a hint of vanilla.


This rich, voluminous wine develops exotic aromas balanced by magnificent flavors that gain in nobility. The very long finish reveals hints of Granny Smith apples, the result of careful ageing.

Operating temperature

Approx. 6 - 8° C


3 years after production (2024)This non-alcoholic wine is ideal for replacing all types of sweet drinks at mealtimes.

Gastronomic pairings

This alcohol-free wine is the perfect accompaniment to aperitifs, fish, seafood and raclette.


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