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Known in Italy as Cornalin d'Aoste, Humagne Rouge bears no resemblance to Ouriou, Humagne Blanche or Cornalin Valaisan, despite persistent legends to the contrary. Today grown exclusively in the Valais, this specialty has long been marginal. Over the past two decades, however, it has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, with the area under cultivation increasing year on year.


A slow maceration lasting three to four weeks gently extracts the tannins responsible for the color and structure of this red wine. A six-to-eight-month ageing period in vats, during which the second fermentation takes place, concludes the elaboration of this specialty.


Purplish red.


The spicy bouquet is characterized by notes of pine and cinnamon.


This powerful wine with wild accents develops black fruit aromas balanced by silky tannins.

Gastronomic pairings

Humagne Rouge goes perfectly with game, grilled meats, wild poultry and hard cheeses.

Medals and awards

  • 2014 Gold Expovina 2015

50cl, 75cl, 150cl

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