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Up to 15% on a selection of prestigious wines until the end of January

This winter, Château Constellation invites you to dive into the world of "Refinement is never superfluous", our exclusive campaign that demonstrates impeccable refinement. Don't miss this unique opportunity: enjoy a discount of up to 15 % on a carefully chosen selection of our finest wines. Château Constellation stands out not only for the unrivalled quality of its products and its deep respect for the values of our terroir, but also for its original communication style, appreciated throughout Switzerland. Our "Refinement is never superfluous" campaign breaks with the norm to offer you a new dynamic at the start of the new year.

Winter is the time when we seek warmth and comfort, and what better way than to enjoy a glass of fine wine from Château Constellation? Our wines are not just drinks, but art, embodying passion, tradition and innovation. Our wines are stories we want to share with you to make your moments special. Our wines are emotions we want to awaken in you, to bring you joy and pleasure. Our wines are refinement, never superfluous.

Exclusive offer in our online store: benefit from a 15 % discount on wines of exceptional quality. Our award-winning wines combine refinement and the art of winemaking with the most advanced technologies. Château Constellation is not only synonymous with innovative products, but also with unrivalled expertise. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Château Constellation, where every bottle tells a story of passion and perfection.

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