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Swiss Wine Innovation: "Le Rouge et le Noir" - A Sensory Journey to the Heart of Cocoa

After two years of intense research, we have developed a cocoa bean wine, more traditionally known as "chocolate wine", in Switzerland, the land of chocolate.

At the heart of "Le Rouge et le Noir" lies the art of transforming cocoa beans into chocolate, a delicate work of craftsmanship that inspires our exceptional wine. 
Each of these details is carefully orchestrated to capture the magic of cocoa while offering important health benefits.

Harvesting and sorting the beans

The quest for perfection begins when the cocoa beans are harvested in Madagascar. Chosen from the best terroirs, they are hand-picked, guaranteeing the superior quality of each bean. Careful sorting ensures that only the healthiest, ripest beans are selected, providing a solid foundation for the creation of our chocolate.

Mucilage Separation

The harvest is followed by a crucial step: separating the mucilage, the thin layer of pulp that surrounds the cocoa bean. 
Careful removal of the mucilage allows the beans to reveal their true character. 
This meticulous process brings out the complexity of cocoa aromas, the key step in creating exceptional chocolate.

The Art of Roasting

The moment when cocoa is subjected to heat during the roasting process is an art in itself. 
Inspired by master chocolatiers, we have perfected our own roasting method, revealing the rich, subtle nuances of each bean. 
The perfect balance between temperature and roasting time is essential to create chocolate of unrivalled quality.

Health Benefits

But it's not just the taste that makes "Le Rouge et le Noir" a unique experience. 
The health benefits of cocoa beans should not be overlooked. The flavonoids present in cocoa have been linked to the regulation of blood pressure, 
offering an additional advantage to those who taste this wine.

Harmony of the Senses

"Le Rouge et le Noir is a celebration of the harmony of the senses. Each sip reveals the passion and expertise deployed in every stage of preparation. 
Discover a taste experience that transcends the boundaries of tasting, offering a captivating sensory journey for the most demanding connoisseurs.

Red and Black


When two enthusiasts meet, ideas spring to life, sometimes giving birth to a rare pearl. "Le Rouge et le Noir" is the unexpected and offbeat fruit of such a union between the world of wine and that of chocolate.

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