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Château Constellation 2019: A Symphony of Art, Wine and Music

At the heart of the Swiss wine panorama, Cave Château Constellation's Cru Constellation 2019 reveals itself as a true work of art, testifying to the perfect harmony between winemaking tradition and artistic expression. This vintage, a mirror of Turin's rich industrial history, is deeply influenced by music and art, embodying the transformative power of wine.

Turin-born Umberto Tozzi, an icon of Italian music, brought his unique artistic sensibility to bear as president of the jury for this vintage. His decision to select a work by Swiss artist Pierre Le Munger for Cru Constellation 2019 is a tribute to the symbiosis between music and wine. Le Munger's approach, known for transforming raw materials such as wrecked cars, has been reinterpreted to capture the essence and depth of wine.

The vinification of Cru Constellation 2019 was characterized by slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by aging in oak barrels. This method developed a distinctive character to the wine, reflecting Le Munger's artistic vision that, like wine, redefines traditional forms and confers a new mythology on the grape. Tozzi, with his 70 million albums sold, brings a touch of Italian audacity, reinforcing the reputation of Cave Château Constellation's Cru Constellation 2019.

Each vintage of Cave Château Constellation is a celebration of Swiss wine art. For the 2019 vintage, artist Pierre-Alain Münger was chosen by a jury headed by Tozzi. This collaboration underlines the Cave's commitment to fusing art and viticulture.

Cru Constellation 2019, from low-yielding vineyards in central Valais, is a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Each grape variety receives meticulous attention, reflected in the wine's ruby-red color, complex bouquet of fruit and earthy aromas, and balanced, elegant palate. The lingering, refreshing finish testifies to the vintage's excellence.

The Cave Château Constellation, through Cru Constellation 2019, goes beyond the simple production of wine to create liquid masterpieces. Each sip is an invitation to a sensory journey, celebrating the union of art, culture and winemaking excellence. Cru Constellation 2019 is much more than a wine: it's a hymn to life, art and music, fusing these expressions in unforgettable harmony.

With Cru Constellation 2019, Cave Château Constellation demonstrates its ability to integrate art into viticulture, creating wines that are expressions of culture, art and passion. This vintage is a tribute to the richness of the land, human innovation and the beauty of life, symbolizing the perfect union of art, culture and excellence.

Constellation Tozzi 2019


The Constellation cru varies its blend from year to year. Each vintage is magnified by the hand of a Swiss artist. The illustration of this Constellation is by Pierre-Alain Münger, a Swiss sculptor with a worldwide reputation for deforming matter. The vintage was entrusted to him by a jury presided over by Umberto Tozzi, an emblematic figure in Swiss music...

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