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The cellar

Between innovation and tradition

Quality can only reach excellence if it is achieved in harmony with nature

Château Constellation is one of only four wineries in the Valais to enjoy the "Château" name.

She has regularly collaborated with Rolland Conseils et Prestations, the team of Michel Rolland, one of the world's most renowned oenologists. The work that goes on in the vineyard, during
Our expertise in winemaking and blending is among the most advanced in the world.



A place to share the senses, transporting you into the world of Château Constellation.



A key player in the promotion of the Valais terroir, our teams will help you discover the secrets of the region.



The only winery in Switzerland to benefit from the unique expertise of this great name in wine.



Immortalize your most cherished moments in an architectural setting in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Discover Château Constellation

Stars in the eyes

The central motif of our visual identity is inspired by the curve of a nautilus shell. The external skeleton of this mollusc evokes the logarithmic spiral that can be frequently observed in our environment, for example in the arms of galaxies. A symbol of harmony and perfection, it also lies at the heart of the famous Golden Number, a formula found by the Egyptians over three thousand years ago. Our cellar is divided into different areas, and has been built in accordance with these principles, which have permeated the history of art and science since they were rediscovered in the Middle Ages. 

On our label, Château Constellation wines form a group of stars whose projections on the celestial vault represent a spiral of infinite development. Much more than just an image, given that our products are constantly evolving throughout their lifespan, right up to the moment when they come to sublimate the dishes of the greatest chefs... Michelin-starred, of course.


Authenticity, Art and Audacity

We place great importance on respect for the environment, the authenticity of our landscapes and the optimal match between grape varieties and terroirs. Out of love for our land, the development of sustainable viticulture is one of our core concerns.

Château Constellation listens to and respects nature through integrated vineyard management. The grapes are sorted twice: at harvest and in the cellar, thanks to a sorting table. The reds are devatted by elevator, respecting the grape skins. Our company cultivates a passion mixed with creativity. Cellar work is carried out in
function of the waxing and waning moon.

For Château Constellation, the worlds of wine and art are intimately linked. Know-how, gestures, blending, dosage, colors and their nuances, to name but a few, characterize the work of both artist and winemaker. From inspiration to completion, art and wine come together in the same universe, symbolized by
our exceptional cellar.


The integration of the latest technologies allows us to explore new horizons, take on new challenges, experiment and innovate. Château Constellation is evolving in a creative dynamic, with a particular taste for the elaboration of products derived from viticulture, such as balsamic, vinegars from the Ester range, or our fine de grappe.

A passion for beauty

For exceptional wines, an exceptional approach
and renowned artists

Our company cultivates close ties with the art world. Each year, an exceptional blend is sponsored by world-renowned personalities such as Gérard Depardieu, Alain Delon and Gérard Jugnot.

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These unique creations are enhanced by a label designed by a Swiss artist and connoisseur of fine wines, whose work illustrates the history and values that bring Château Constellation to life. The original paintings are displayed in our cellar, a unique meeting place for architectural, artistic and, of course, wine-making creations. Together, they form a collection that grows to mark each great vintage.


A timeless experience

An environment worthy of their reputation was needed, so that world-renowned artists could regularly grace us with their presence. We created it near the Rhône, our region's emblematic river.A veritable architectural masterpiece blending modernity and tradition, our cellar offers magnificent banqueting and conference rooms, as well as a wide range of local produce available from our wine library. Its tower underlines our integration into the landscape of the town of Sion, echoing that of the Sorciers: for centuries, the capital of Valais has boasted two famous castles, those of Valère and Tourbillon, and now also two towers rich in identity.

Arabesque Room

From 2 to 12 people: fixed price CHF 150.00

Ballerina Hall

Private floor with outside access. Equipment available (beamer, screen, etc.). Crockery, cutlery and glasses available. Outdoor parking and...

Salle Danse des étoiles

From 13 to 70 pers. CHF 10.00/person From 71 pers. CHF 10.-/pers.

Constellation private lounge

If you're looking for a cozy place to relax in total discretion, our Constellation salon is for you. Whether it's...

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