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Château Constellation: Golden shine at the 17th Grand Prix du Vin Suisse with Syrah 2022 and La Ballerine 2022

In the festive atmosphere of Bern's Kursaal, the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse unveiled its stars. The renowned Valais region once again proved its viticultural excellence. With a resounding triumph in various categories, Valais wineries not only demonstrated the superior quality of their wines, but also the importance of their contribution to the Swiss wine industry.

As the golden hues of autumn descend upon the vineyards of Château Constellation, another kind of gold - imbued with prestige and recognition - has recently graced this venerable winery. Nestled in the heart of a region renowned for its winemaking excellence, Château Constellation once again came out on top at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, with two of its exquisite creations, Syrah 2022 and La Ballerine 2022, captivating the palates of the world's most demanding judges.

October 6 at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse in Bern

At the heart of a terroir rich in history and tradition, Château Constellation embodies excellence in viticulture. With a heritage handed down from generation to generation, this estate has combined innovation with tradition, creating wines of unrivalled quality. Past awards testify to its commitment to perpetuating exceptional know-how.

Syrah 2022, with its spicy notes and strong character, reflects the boldness and passion of Château Constellation. La Ballerine 2022, on the other hand, seduces with its grace and finesse, evoking a harmonious dance between floral and fruity aromas. These two wines, representative of the excellence of Château Constellation, perfectly illustrate the art of winemaking, combining terroir and innovation.



Sweet wines, characterized by their volume on the palate, their smoothness and the complexity of their aromas, require special climatic conditions that only a few Valais terroirs can provide. In favorable years, the presence of Botrytis, a fungus also known as noble rot, can transform excellence into the extraordinary. A great sweet wine that blends...



CHF21.90 - CHF47.00

Popular tradition links Syrah with the Iranian town of Schiraz. However, modern research has shown that this variety originated in the Rhone basin. The proximity of this river seems to suit it perfectly, and the Valais Syrahs that grow along the upper reaches of the Rhône produce some of the finest expressions...


Each bottle of Château Constellation is the fruit of meticulous work and attention to detail at every stage of the winemaking process. From grape selection to barrel ageing, every detail is designed to achieve perfection. It's this rigor and passion that goes into every glass of Syrah 2022 and La Ballerine 2022.

The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, renowned for its high standards and prestige, is a real accolade for winegrowers. The distinction of Château Constellation wines in this competition illustrates not only the exceptional quality of their production, but also the recognition of their know-how by internationally renowned experts.

These awards also mark a milestone in the history of the winery. They pave the way for new opportunities, strengthening the estate's reputation on the international scene and promising equally remarkable future cuvées.

We invite wine lovers to discover these masterpieces and share with us the pride of this achievement.

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